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When you
have to get results…

This is not a health club or fitness center; this is a training center. The difference is you! We are all as different as our programs need to be. For over 25 years, Joe Parrinello and his staff have been instructing, guiding, counseling, coaching and training.

The process is simple.

  • Evaluate your present fitness level and ability
  • establish goals
  • determine your time available to train
  • create a program for you that works


The program can be done with or without trainers depending upon your needs and wants.

common health and fitness programs…

  • general fitness
  • weight loss
  • back care
  • pre and post rehabilitation
  • sport conditioning
  • longevity/medical age


Drop in class: $15

or get your first 2 classes for $25!

Top 3 Reasons to Join Now…

No annual contract required
Free nutrition and fitness assessment and customized personal program
State of the art hot yoga studio

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